A bad book and a hospital trip later

I had a little time off the blog, as infant as it is. Not to conflate two unlucky happenings, but I realised a book was not only bad, but shocking, halfway through, and then I wound up in hospital for five days with appendicitis… coincidence?

I am now appendix-less and have had a good run of books since (write-ups coming soon!), so I will endeavour to catch up with myself quickly. I thought I would take stock of the year so far. I think my 2021 reading habits have been pretty sluggish. Not many have had the wow-factor yet either. I’ve been a little preoccupied with the ghastly task of applying for training contracts and have found myself promptly falling asleep two pages into whatever I’m reading. Life’s been pretty full-on, to be honest, full steam ahead and whatnot! That is, until I became incredibly unwell and moved into Pembury hospital for a surprise week away. Unfortunately, it was not a romantic gesture from the dear boyfriend or even a well-intentioned treat from my crazy mother. Alas, 111 booked me in and Consultant Eyebrows extended my stay. I’m not sure my forced-holiday destination would have scored more than 3* on TripAdvisor. “Lovely view and the hosts were great, but unfortunately the amenities were a bit thin… as was the lack of freedom”. I joke. It didn’t stop my career-careering one bit! Laparoscopic appendectomy ticked off the bucket list and, just 10 days later, I was back in the hot-seat for my Vacation Scheme at a top firm. It made a good story, I promise.

Now, I won’t disclose the terrible book that I have half a mind to believe started this whole health saga. It would be cruel. I felt conflicted about missing a book out from the page in my typical organised way, but you know what? It doesn’t deserve my pity. I also have three (nearly four) books crashing and banging about in my brain calling out PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WRITE ABOUT ME. I don’t have the heart to tell them I’m just a 22-year-old sitting in her bedroom trying to pass the time. My to-read list is ever-growing so I best get to it.

Photo credits: Me demonstrating that this clock did not work so I remained in a perpetual state of 7:53




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